Ah, time to rest, reflect, and enjoy fun times with family and friends…the livin’ is easy…

But is your Sales Pipeline going on holiday as well?

Even though many decision-makers will be away on well-deserved vacations, many will still be at work.

And it will be quieter than usual for most as well.

So where will your Salespeople be?

The Value of a Sales Pipeline is in its accuracy and timeliness.  Just dropping the ball for a month or two can set you back six.  Or worse, having to start all over again.

Another consideration is that many people change positions over the summer, starting in their new assignments or companies after the Labor Day weekend.

Are you making sure you stay on your Prospect’s radar?  Will they either take you with them or provide an introduction for you to the new Decision Maker?

A lot to think about this time of year.

Don’t let all the hard work you have done on your Pipeline fall through the cracks this Summer while your salespeople may be at the cottage…

If you don’t have a backup plan to maintain the activity over the Summer, consider outsourcing this function to a firm that has an extensive network of Professional Sales People to keep your Prospects moving forward onto the next steps. 

And make your September (and third quarter) a productive one.

We will assist you in keeping your New Business Development Sales Cycles on track.  

About the Author:

Martin Beauclair is an Entrepreneur, Business Leader, and Active Supporter of Start-up Communities.  For the past 20+ years, he has launched and managed numerous technology product offerings, serving as Sr. Vice-President of Sales & Business Development at IgeaCare Group of Companies, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at GlobeStar Systems, and Director of Sales & Marketing at Edwards Systems Technology (Now GE Security).

Today Martin heads up Access2Sales as CEO, and recently founded FalconRidge Trading, a related Strategic Sales company.

Martin is a certified ADMA (Accredited Professional Administrator), a member of the AMA (American Marketing Association) and both UPSA & CPSA Professional Sales Associations.  He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School (AMP), a bilingual BAA (Bachelor in Business Administration) from the University of Ottawa. Also, he holds an MBA in International Business Management from Laval University.

He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Business Administration at the University of Phoenix, and is a self-proclaimed ‘life-long learner’.

But what ultimately drives him at the end of the day?  Simply,

“To Grow Companies by Creating and Leading High-Performance Sales Teams.”

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