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If you work in the media & communications industry, you know how many changes have come in recent years, particularly those driven by the internet. Even relatively young people in the industry have had to race to keep up with the times. For instance, a person who graduated with a major in Communications in 2004 was still learning the old style of mass media and advertising. YouTube didn’t even exist yet and Facebook wasn’t open to the general public.

With the advent of digital marketing, things that used to be a forte of the media industry, like selling advertising space, suddenly became crowded with stiff competition, and communications organizations were often hurt when long-time advertising clients moved their dollars to another outlet.

All of this–the changing markets, the growing appetites for new ways of doing things, the multiple outlets for hyper-targeted advertising, the detailed analytics–forms both an opportunity and a challenge for media & communications businesses.

The Opportunity

News and authoritative content will always be the best format to sell advertising space where consumers will see it. (This is why the whole marketing industry is moving to content marketing–they’re discovering what the news has known all along.) You need to provide something of value to the customer in exchange for them spending the time and attention on the advertising and marketing material that comes with it.

The Challenge

  • Many media organizations, content with their long-term revenue streams, sure that they would weather the changes in the digital landscape, didn’t innovate with the times quite as quickly as some newer players in the online space. Therefore, bloggers, digital magazines, and other online content sources snapped up some of the revenue that radio, television, and newspapers were used to capturing. This has created a gap that must be overcome with aggressive selling in order to win back the market share that the media and communications players used to receive.
  • News organizations are strapped with ever-tightening budgets as they consolidate operations, outsource their printing & delivery, and operate with a skeleton staff.

The Solution

Outsource your sales staff. Let your advertising sales revenues come from salespeople that we find, hire, train, and pay. In just the same way that outsourcing printing helps the media industry to maintain their competitive edge, outsourcing sales to us will increase your flexibility, help your media organization to acquire top sales talent, and crush the competition.

We work closely with the media and know how to locate strong individuals to own and crush your sales in the following industries:

  • Media & communications companies
  • News
  • Advertising
  • Carrier services
  • In-home/enterprise technology
  • Apps
  • Digital Marketing
  • Event Marketing

Whether your media company is selling advertising space in print, broadcast, or online formats, you know how vital it is to the health of your organization to have a robust network of advertising contacts, a continually-increasing pipeline of potential advertisers, and a high conversion rate.

Access2Sales can provide that for you. We have grown with this industry and we’ve generated advertising revenue for our clients through various mediums including white label programs. Get started with access to your new sales professionals today!

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