What is sales outsourcing?

  • Sales outsourcing occurs when a company subcontracts a third party company to sell their product or service and perform regular sales duties to increase their sales volume, without having the liabilities that comes with in-house personnel.

What is different between the Access2Sales formula and hiring our own sales force?

  • At Access2Sales, we take a team approach. We’ve built a concierge service around our sales reps where each one is backed by a Sales & Marketing Support team that can assist our reps with clerical and administrative tasks and other requests. This includes but is not limited to research, data entry, travel arrangements, list generation, and mailing/shipping. Part of our team also consists of agents in our call center who can carry out various call campaigns for the reps in the field. For example, this team can pre-book meeting appointments for the reps to attend. This support system helps optimize our reps’ time in the field doing what they do best, selling!

Who will the sales representative report to?

  • The sales rep will report to your head of sales and execute on your sales strategy. The sales rep is part of your sales team and will adopt your company culture, attend your sales meetings, and be accountable to hit sales targets given by your management. Each sales rep is also assigned to an Access2Sales CSM (Corporate Sales Manager) who is there to help coach and open up or close high-level opportunities. Our CSMs have weekly meetings with our reps and are always in the loop with regards to their activities and their funnel.

Is the representative exclusive to us?

  • Absolutely. Your sales rep will be dedicated to you and will not represent any other offerings. He or she will carry your company’s business card and the Access2Sales name will not be visible to your customers. Even on social media outlets like LinkedIn, our sales reps will be recognized as employees of your company.

Who is responsible for generating leads?

  • Ultimately, your sales rep is responsible for their own prospecting efforts. However, each sales rep is backed by our in-house Sales & Marketing support team and call center agents who can assist with lead generation. Most of our clients are also optimized for inbound lead management through their own websites and are funneling those leads directly to the sales rep to follow up on. So there are always a number of sources utilized for lead generation.

Who owns the contacts and database?

  • You do. All this data is readily available through a CRM portal.

How will the recruitment process work? Who’s making the final choice?

  • When you come to us with a need for a particular type of sales representative, we do all the legwork from scratch and recruit from within the same/similar industry as you are in. Our recruitment team will post the job. We will then screen and interview candidates from a profile given to us by your HR or Sales Manager. We’ll schedule the top candidate(s) to have their final interview with your hiring team, and then we’ll collectively make the final decision on your sales rep. All background and reference checks are also conducted by our team.

How Will Travel & Entertainment Expenses Be Managed?

  • You set a predetermined monthly budget for your rep’s travel and entertainment expenses. We use a state-of-the-art expense management software that will provide you with a monthly expense report that captures all of the info pertaining to an expense, like the amount of the expense, the date the expense took place, the reason, and the attendees. The report will even contain a digitized copy of the receipt(s) for each expense.

Do we need to provide a cell phone, laptop or other equipment?

  • Our Sales Representation service is all-inclusive of the tools required by a sales rep, (payroll, taxes, healthcare, benefits, home office, cell phone, car allowance, recruitment, reference & background check, laptop, licenses, support services, reporting, and more). We ask that our clients supply any additional devices if required, such as tablets or other devices for demo purposes.

Where will the representative work from?

  • The sales rep will work from our corporate office and/or from their home office.

What is the timeline to get our sales representative / regional manager on board?

  • Depending on your industry, it typically takes 4-6 weeks to recruit the right representative for you. Our corporate training will take 2-3 days and then factor in your training schedule. Your rep can hit the ground running in about 6-8 weeks total.

Is there any cost for the recruitment?

  • No. Each new client and each new sales representative signifies an investment on our part in our client’s business. We take a vested interest in our clients and so we don’t charge for recruitment. We believe in what we do and in recruiting the right sales individuals. Consequently, those representatives will perform and will generate revenue. In the long run, we will establish a return on our investment and meet or surpass expectations.

Who is responsible for source deductions, payroll expenses, benefits, pension plan, 401(k), healthcare and all other payroll liabilities?

  • Access2Sales is responsible for all of the above.

How long is your contract?

  • Our contract runs for 2-3 years, but we have included a mutual termination clause which allows for early termination.

Who Is Accountable For Results? Can Access2Sales Guarantee Them?

  • Results are driven by multiple factors including but not limited to sales and marketing, operations, features & benefits of product/service and competitive advantage. Sales is only a component of your entire go-to-market plan. Hence, several elements will impact the revenue outcome. What we do guarantee is performance from the sales rep. We track and measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of every sales rep. Their number of calls, emails, meetings and pipeline are always being monitored by our admin personnel and management. Each sales rep is assigned a CSM (Corporate Sales Manager) who is there to help coach and open up or close high-level opportunities. Our CSMs have weekly meetings with our reps and are always in the loop with regards to their activities and their funnel. You can be provided with detailed reports on what your rep was doing at any given time.