“Using Access2Sales Was The Best Solution To Quickly Deploying Our Marketing Strategy Across North America.” – Jean De Ladurantaye

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Are you a provider of financial services who has ever struggled to find customers despite offering amazing products and impeccable quality in your services?

Does it hurt you on the inside to see members of the public terribly mismanaging their finances when you could have helped?

Are you faced with indifference and apathy when you attempt to show people how much your financial service could mean to them?

If any of the above qualities apply to you, you need sales! And if you need sales, you have come to the right place to find salespeople in the quickest and easiest way possible. Access2Sales recruits sales professionals and then provides you with dedicated salespeople who only sell for you, carry your business card, and appear to your customers as if they are your employees, even though you have outsourced their employment to us.

If your business is in financial services, we can help! We serve the following verticals and more:

  • Financial advising
  • Accounting
  • Tax preparation
  • Financial insurance
  • Banking
  • Credit
  • Stocks
  • Investment funds
  • Point-of-sale products
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Financial market utilities
  • Debt resolution

We know how to drive your company forward, get your name out there, and make your unique value proposition sound as compelling as you know the quality of your service deserves.

Case Study

Wellspring Financial (now Flexiti Financial) offers instant point-of-sale consumer credit to businesses in the retail, health, and home renovation industries using a completely paperless solution. Access2Sales was able to take an unknown entity and meet their extreme growth and shareholders requirements. Their success story is a good example of the implementation of our full program, but most importantly, flawless execution of every aspect of our Integrated Sales System (ISS). The Access2Sales sales representatives had signed on merchants even before the company’s official launch date, and this national deployment was done in record time. Sales goals have been overachieved month after month due to the quality of our processes, the dedication of our regional sales representatives and the sound execution of our support teams.

Count on Access2Sales to get you the sales agents that will make it happen. Start the process today by filling out our initial contact form.

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