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Teachers and professors are the lifeblood of any community. These professionals dedicate themselves to educating our children, young people, and adult population, and they deserve our credit and applause for the work they are doing.

Selling to this segment is a completely unique experience and requires the right salesperson.

  • Real skill in selling, often under strict time constraints
  • Deep knowledge about the product or service for sale–few people are as adept as teachers at sniffing out a charlatan
  • Knowledge, empathy, and understanding about the teacher’s challenges
  • Ability to show the value of solutions that will meet those challenges
  • Creative ideas to access these teachers (e.g. in between classes in the breakroom)
  • Rapport with educational personnel at every level, from administrators and secretaries to principles and education directors

If you’re selling to the education industry, you know better than anyone how diverse the sales needs for your organization can be. We can recruit the salespeople you need to sell products and services like these:

  • Standard supplies
  • Curriculum
  • Applications
  • Communication
  • Security
  • Software
  • Apps and services

We understand how important it is for your sales representatives to guide clients along the right path to acquire your products and services. Each education vertical has its own way to procure and fulfil its requirements, often going through sourcing, RFIs, RFPs and integrated purchasing mechanisms.

Access2Sales has the skills, knowledge, and experience to navigate through these complex sales. Count on us to recruit your sales staff and get your products into the hands of the education sector today.

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