About Us

Access2Sales is a dynamic sales outsourcing company with a true sense of urgency. We contract sales representatives and dedicate the right resources to help our clients optimize their sales efforts and achieve specific goals. We conduct business with respect, integrity, and professionalism.

Since 2004, Access2Sales has been continually innovating in the art of sales. Our mission is to optimize our clients’ sales efforts by delivering results with unsurpassed efficiency. Access2Sales understood very early on that the power of a team is greater than the potential of lone all-star representatives. Therefore, we’ve created a concierge service for our representatives that enables them to be far more efficient. In doing so, we alleviate churn and create a stable foundation for the growth of our clients.

We’ve created a cost-efficient solution for our clients using synergies between cross-functional teams. We’ve also reduced time to market by leveraging an unprecedented network of 24,000 known resellers and distributors and over 300,000 end users and decision-makers. Access2Sales is conducting business in the United States and Canada and operates from its offices in Boston, Houston, Sunnyvale, and Toronto.

“Vendors often make the mistake of thinking that the channel will sell on their behalf. In more than 80% of cases, the channel will fulfill product and services and provide a local point of service, but selling remains the vendor’s responsibility” Martin Beauclair, CEO-Access2Sales

What We Do

Access2Sales is a B2B Sales Outsourcing company. We help local or foreign companies introduce or expand their product or service offering throughout North America. We do this by providing our clients with sales professionals to move their product or service on their behalf. The sales professionals are dedicated to one client only and will not represent any other offerings.

We start by identifying your need in terms of the right profile you’re looking for in a sales rep: someone with the right skills, experience, and level of industry knowledge. It is a process that requires a good understanding of both the client and the candidates. That’s why our recruitment team works diligently to match our clients with the right sales talent. They will post, scout, screen, interview and conduct background and reference checks for you and then present you with the top, best-suited candidates.

Once a final decision is made, that sales rep will report to your head of sales and carry your business card, representing your company and selling your product/service.

Our services don’t stop at sales recruitment. We are a full-service sales outsourcing solution. Your sales rep job is to sell. Period. Our job is help deliver those results with unsurpassed efficiency. In order to do this, we’ve built a concierge type service around our sales reps. Our admin, clerical and pre-sales staff will assist and support your rep so they can focus on what they do best, selling! Our support team is there to help alleviate some tasks that may take up your rep’s precious time, such as booking travel, arranging seminars or events, target market research, appointment setting, email blasts, other paperwork, and much more. Not only do we equip you with a sales executive and a superb support staff, but we also assign one of our Corporate Sales Managers (CSM) to your account to oversee the sales execution. Our CSMs are senior level executives who have been in sales for 20 years+ and are there to provide coaching and management to ensure your sales representative’s efforts are in line with your company’s goals.