We are always on the lookout for people with passion and dedication to help our clients be successful. Access2Sales needs full time and part time experienced sales executives. Please fill out the form below and submit your resume.

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Regional Manager – Canada

Director, Solution Sales

Inside Sales

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Employee Testimonials

David – Access2Sales offers many growth and development opportunities for sales reps to be on the path to becoming a Corporate Sales Manager. I am very excited to know that one day I can be in a position to coach and mentor members of the sales staff across various industries.

MichelleMichelle – There are many reasons why I am proud to be a part of the Access2Sales family. Through my interactions with such a dynamic and culturally diverse team, I have been given the opportunity to not only grow on a personal level but have been encouraged to enhance my skills so that I can continue to grow on a professional level as well. It’s great to be a part of a team where my ideas and opinions are always taken into account. Access2Sales truly cares about its people and is committed to the success of its employees and clients alike.

CrystalCrystal – Supporting our staff with all of their sales and marketing needs is such a gratifying and enjoyable experience at Access2Sales. In an environment where everyone works together, using a true TEAM approach, is how we sincerely achieve the goals required by our clients.

ChrisChris – Access2Sales’ business model allows business professionals (like myself) to represent the most innovative companies from around the globe and to leverage our local knowledge and experience in creating success for our clients. We are making a difference in bringing the best global solutions to our local market.

JamieJamie – You want success, surround yourself with brilliant minds. You want results, deal with people of passion and determination. Access2sales provides me with the tools and people to give my customers the results they are seeking. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

VictorVictor – In addition to amazing support services from my peers, the ability to work with our clients to help them grow their territory and sales brings a continuous feeling of accomplishment on a daily basis.