We provide a turnkey sales solution.

Whether you are entering a new market or expanding in the one you are currently in, you need it to be easy to get the sales representatives you need. Building a sales team and market expansion can be a costly venture that requires specific resources that may not be feasible for all businesses to pull off. Access2Sales can help. We will deploy a single sales professional or a team of sales executives to sell your products and services in North America. Unlike many sales outsourcing companies or manufacturers’ representatives where salespeople can carry more than one product/service offering, at Access2Sales that individual or team of individuals will be dedicated solely to your company and will not represent any other offerings. The outsourced salespeople will be a fully integrated part of your team, carrying your business card, attending your sales meetings, and adopting your company culture. To your customers, sales executives will simply appear as your own employees. Since we are a B2B sales company, your sales rep will execute on your sales strategy whether that’s selling through channels or direct sales.

How it works

We start by recruiting the right sales professional. Our turnkey sales recruitment process combines role profiling, scouting and candidate background/reference checks at no charge. Once that candidate has been vetted and then selected by you, they are hired and start their training at your head office or facility to learn your products and/or service inside and out. Being trained by you will equip them with first-hand knowledge of the offering and allow them to understand your processes from an operational standpoint. Our sales outsourcing program is all-inclusive of all fees such as these:

  • Employment charges
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • 401k
  • Car Allowance
  • Laptop
  • Cell Phone
  • Office
  • Internet Connection
  • Expense Management
  • Licenses
  • …and much more.

We don’t charge for recruitment!

At Access2Sales, we take a vested interest in our client’s business. We believe in hiring the right sales representative that will perform and will generate revenue for your business. Standard sales recruitment companies experience little to no financial impact due to the performance or non-performance of the sales reps they recruit for their clients. Since we don’t charge recruitment or replacement fees under our full sales outsourcing program at Access2Sales, if a sales executive doesn’t work out to the satisfaction of our clients or decides to leave the organization, it will not represent an additional cost for our clients.

How we support our Sales Teams

We take a different approach to sales outsourcing than traditional programs: we take sales recruitment to the next level by supporting each and every one of our sales professionals to ensure they are successful in generating revenue for our clients. From pre-sales campaigns for appointment setting to market research and email marketing, our sales support team is there so your sales executive can focus on what they do best, selling! All of our sales professionals are backed by our Pre-sales and Sales and Marketing support team.


Pre-sales consists of call center agents that can perform a variety of roles as they conduct call campaigns:

  • Appointment setting
  • Lead generation
  • Surveys
  • Tradeshow or event invites
  • Any other warm or cold campaigns that a sales rep requires

Sales & Marketing Support

Our Sales and Marketing Support team helps to alleviate administrative and clerical tasks for our sales reps.

  • List generation
  • CRM support
  • Booking travel arrangements or event space
  • Finding direct contact information for decision makers
  • Anything else to support the sales rep in the field.

The Tools You Need

We are a proven sales system with the right tools. We provide…

  • Advanced analytics on sales
  • Territory planning and mapping
  • Key industry trends
  • Cold call campaigns
  • Email campaigns with measured results and metric monitoring.

Each sales star is also assigned a CSM (Corporate Sales Manager) who is a senior-level sales executive with over 20 years of sales experience across various industries. Our CSMs can work with you to set targets, metrics and KPIs for your sales representative(s). They also provide high-level coaching and guidance on a weekly basis to ensure the sales rep is correctly executing on your sales strategy.


We are a full-service sales outsourcing company. We offer the tools and technologies required that will translate a sales rep’s prospecting efforts into attestable activities, a solid pipeline and ultimately, revenue for your company. Many companies have turned to Access2Sales for professional sales executives and a support team to move their products and services on their behalf. Join the ranks and find out how beneficial a sales team can be to your business.


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