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Sometimes businesses operate well in their own market where they know the typical practices and procedures of their industry, but they may not know how to interact in the broader business ecosystem in a different market. Other times, companies need guidance even in their own market. Although they may know their product or service well and they know their market well, it’s defining the right strategy and best execution that will make them successful. Whether you’re entering a new market or expanding in the one you’re currently in, you may need a business development executive to help develop and implement the best course of action for your company to drive sales and ultimately growth.

What A Business Development Executive Does

Business Development Executives are strategizers. Their goal is to increase sales through forging strong relationships with partners, stakeholders and customers. They are involved in the overall go-to-market strategy and take into account all the various aspects of the business. They rely on their industry experience and market knowledge to develop strategic partnerships and work closely with product development, marketing and sales teams.

How To Get A Business Development Executive

Access2Sales can deploy a Business Development Manager (BDM) to help you identify what your go-to-market approach could be and carry out the practical implementation of the strategy. We can not only find this person for you, we have the right infrastructure in place to support your Business Development Manager’s efforts.

Strategic Support For Your Business Development Executive

Our Sales and Marketing support team can initiate the first step in the growth process by providing your Business Development Manager with market research, data, and analytics on your industry, investors, suppliers, partners, customers, and even your competitors. Having all this data on hand will ensure that BDM is well armed with industry knowledge, an understanding of the network of interlinked organizations, where you currently stand, and where you want to be in that business ecosystem.

Every BDM will also be guided by an Access2Sales Corporate Sales Manager (CSM) who has 20 years+ experience with sales and business development and who will contribute their expertise on your go-to-market strategy.

An additional layer of support that we provide to your business development manager is telemarketing campaigns through the use of our Pre-Sales Agents in our call center. These agents are professionals and creative thinkers who have superb communication skills. They’re at ease with standard industry concepts, practices and procedures and will familiarize themselves with your product or service. Your business development manager can utilize this team for appointment setting on a higher level with stakeholders or partners.
Don’t let your team be without the strategic support that a Business Development Manager will bring to the table. Contact us today about adding this role to your sales team.

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