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Recruiting top talent in sales is a daunting task if you have to do it alone with resources that are already stretched thin. How will you attract the star salespeople who will make a difference in your bottom line? The good news is that you don’t have to. Let Access2Sales recruit the right kind of sales rep for you.

We can find and train many different kinds of salespeople:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Regional/National Sales Managers
  • Account Executives
  • Territory Managers
  • Business Development Executives

No matter the type of sales professional, every role has a slightly different function, but at the end of the day, sales is sales and that’s what we do. We understand that not every business is the same. We work with businesses across various industries and hire based on each client’s specific needs. Knowing your company’s sales strategy and objectives enables us to align those strategies with the top sales professionals who will suit your specific needs and company culture.

How It Works

  • You start by giving us a basic profile of the type of individual you need or the role you need to fill.
  • Together we will determine if you need a hunter in the trenches, a farmer to manage existing accounts or a good mix of both.
  • Our in-house recruitment team will work with you in defining the role and what’s required in terms of knowledge and experience.
  • We will then post, scout, hunt, poach, screen and interview potential candidates.
  • We won’t bombard you with hundreds of resumes or applications, but rather evaluate the best-suited candidates and provide you with our top picks.
  • From there, together we’ll make an informed selection on who will be your sales star.Don’t let the recruiting process daunt you–contact us today and let us take that load off your shoulders.

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