Finding you the right sales talent is only the first step at Access2Sales. Selling and generating revenue is our true mandate.

All of our salespeople’s achievements are directly linked to both our clients’ and our own company’s success. So in order for us and our clients to be successful, the sales executive needs to sell.

Consequently, we have to ensure that your sales rep is being effective in their sales techniques and efficient with their time management. Since they are the face of your company and the force behind ours, we’ve built a concierge-type support service around them to alleviate some of the administrative and clerical work that they simply don’t have time for. Our goal is for your sales professional to stay focused on closing sales and building lasting relationships.

Our sales support services are made up of two teams: 1) Pre-Sales and 2) Sales and Marketing Support.


Our pre-sales team is comprised of agents in our call center who conduct various types of call campaigns on behalf of your sales executive. This supports the sales rep’s prospecting efforts. The agent acts as an inside sales rep, conducting appointment setting campaigns and turning these pre-booked meetings over to your sales executive to attend. The presales team can also be used for other purposes like qualifying leads, inviting your customers or prospects to an event or even conducting surveys. Our call center has the capability to execute on almost any call campaign and provide measured results and the analytics afterward.

Sales & Marketing Support

Besides having a full call center that salespeople can take advantage of, we recognize the need to lessen the daunting, time-consuming tasks that every sales professional goes through at some point or another. Instead of your sales rep wasting time scouring the internet for bits of information on a prospect, booking travel arrangements, conducting market research, generating lists, or setting up email campaigns, the administrative staff who are part of our sales and marketing support team can assist with all of these tasks and more.

When you outsource salespeople with us, you won’t have to worry about additional resources to support your local sales reps. Our sales support services help compress the timeline between prospecting and closing the sale.