“Using Access2Sales Was The Best Solution To Quickly Deploying Our Marketing Strategy Across North America.” – Jean De Ladurantaye



Benefits Of Sales Outsourcing

When setting up a new market or establishing sustainable growth, it may be the best option to outsource sales. There are many reasons why organizations expand through professional sales outsourcing firms. Some key reasons companies turn to Acess2Sales are these:

  • Speed to Market – Time is of the essence in your go-to-market plan. At Access2Sales, each sales rep can leverage our extensive network of over 24,000 partners, dealers and distributors and over 300,000 end users through our in-house support team. This team can prepare the rep with market research, target list segmentation and other data so they can hit the ground running. They also handle clerical and administrative tasks so no time is lost and your rep can focus on selling.
  • Market Penetration – Accessing a new or unfamiliar market can be challenging. We help you expand your sales potential and reach customers you didn’t know existed. Our extensive reach in various industries like manufacturing, education, healthcare, security, technology, and retail allows us to penetrate any market.
  • Improved ROI –Building or expanding an internal sales force is expensive and requires certain resources that may not be available to you. Besides the cost for recruiting the manpower, healthcare benefits, payroll and tax liabilities, there are other overhead costs like cell phone, laptop, and car allowances that can come with hefty price tags. Since our packages are all-inclusive, you will surely see a return on your investment.


“Access2Sales gave us rapid access to the North American market. They placed our products with large retailers such as Staples, Wal-Mart and several others in record time. As a foreign manufacturer we would never been able to access those channels without a local presence.”

Paul Mathews

General Manager, Ireland

“Access2Sales is an efficient sales organization that enabled us to rapidly open new channels in a mature market. Their ability to communicate market needs and trends is remarkable. We found them to be technically savvy which helped us go through product certification with major resellers.”

Paul Mathews

General Manager, Ireland

“As a European Manufacturer, our knowledge of the US and Canadian market is very limited. Access2Sales is the perfect organization to partner with to enter this market because of their vertical focus, experience, and their commercial follow up of local Account Managers. We really wouldn’t have been able to expand without them.

Paul Mathews

General Manager, Ireland

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