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Why They’re Needed

When your company is in growth mode and looking to expand in the United States or Canadian markets, it requires sales representatives in the trenches. A sales representative’s function is to generate revenue for your organization by increasing sales of your products and/or services. The sales rep establishes and develops new prospects or accounts and also services and upsells existing customers.

Who They Are

Sales professionals are from the industry and may come with their own connections and contacts. The sales representatives are also familiar with the territory and comfortable with the practices and procedures within their particular field. They are able to understand and evaluate their customers’ needs, provide information, negotiate and close contracts, and make recommendations to your management based on industry trends or customer feedback.

When your company needs a sales representative, Access2Sales can deploy a single rep or an entire sales team to reach your target effectively and move your products and/or services, allowing you to move forward and grow. We not only provide sales representatives, we supply a whole team behind them to support their efforts.

The Team

  • Sales Representatives work with your company, carry your business cards, and reach out to your customers as if they were an employee of your business. They listen to the customer’s needs, match your product or service to the customer’s need, and use negotiation and persuasion to close the deal.
  • Pre-sales agents conduct cold call campaigns on behalf of the sales representatives. This team will book appointments for the sales rep ahead of time with the sales reps target prospects, either in the channel or with direct end users. Our Pre-sales team can also support the sales rep with various other warm or cold call campaigns.
  • Sales and Marketing Support team members help your sales representative be efficient and successful. This team is there to service their administrative or clerical requests quickly and at no cost to you. This support staff provides sales representatives with list generation, prospect bio and contact information, market research and much more.
  • Our Corporate Sales Managers keep an eye on the sales representative’s sales objectives. CSM’s also stay informed on the rep’s progress through weekly meetings and activity and pipeline reports.

What We Do About It

Access2Sales recruits sales representatives and connects the right ones with your company. When you need sales reps but it doesn’t make sense for you to hire them, let us hire them for you. They will sell for you, carry your business card, and appear to be your employees while they technically work for us. It’s easy to do, takes the logistics off your plate, and connects you with top sellers who will make a difference in your bottom line.

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