Sales professionals are the lifeblood of any B2B business. However, finding, hiring, training, and retaining them can often be a big challenge, costing your business time, effort, and resources that you might not have the flexibility and manpower to perform effectively.

When your B2B company needs men and women who represent your product or service well, interact professionally with your clients, and close deals faster than you can catch your breath, look no farther than Access2Sales. We understand the high-stakes selling environment that B2B companies are faced with, and we are here to help you to find the right people for your needs.

Qualities We Look For

When we recruit sales professionals for you, we first start by understanding your industry, your unique needs, and your goals. Then we turn to our vast network throughout the US and Canada to find the most qualified candidates. Once we have narrowed down the pool of candidates to the ones who we feel will best serve you, we collaborate with you on the final decision on who to hire.

Though many of the specific needs differ from industry to industry, the highest-performing salespeople across industry lines tend to share a certain set of similar qualities.

  • They are competitive. They love to win. If something is not already a contest, they will find a way to make it into one for the sheer fun of it.
  • They listen. Sales is not primarily about oily, fast-talking wheeling and dealing. Sales is about listening to the customer’s needs, hearing what is said–and noticing what is not said–and matching the solution to the needs that the customer has expressed.
  • They ask for the sale. Top-performing sales representatives don’t beat around the bush when it comes around to the part of the conversation where the customer discovery is all done, the needs have been recapped, and the customer’s buying signals are clear. They ask, and if they don’t get an initial yes, they know how to ask again. They know exactly how to balance persistence with politeness and understanding in order to nudge the customer into a buying decision.

Types of sales professionals we can find for you

Don’t let your business go without the sales staff who will be a dynamic driver of your growth, increased profit, and maximum year-over-year expansion. Contact Access2Sales today to get the ball rolling.